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Expect Growth & Excellence

Our people are our greatest asset. Building solutions requires a comprehensive set of skills. TechCorps brings together highly talented and dedicated professionals from a range of disciplines to provide creative technology and business solutions to our clients and to help them identify and capitalize on opportunities for advancement.

Our clients know from experience that commitment to their success is the heart of TechCorps. The collaborative, open spirit in which we work extends to our projects and to our relationships with individuals and companies. Our consultants balance rigorous processes with the need for near-term results. Our technologists build and deploy integrated technology solutions. More importantly, our teams understand the inter-dependencies of the disciplines, and how to plan, develop and launch successful information business systems. TechCorps consultants are passionate about what they do. Our experienced, highly energetic people define our culture, which is rooted in constant innovation, learning, teamwork, knowledge-sharing and growth.

We strive to attract and retain the best by a winning combination of highest ethical standards, teamwork, and individual initiative that foster both personal and professional growth. TechCorps rewards leadership, hard work and integrity. TechCorps strongly believes in mentoring. Once you join our firm, you will have the ongoing opportunity to enjoy the support and exchange of ideas and best practices with your mentor.

We invite you to become a part of the team that is driven to win and committed to excellence.

TechCorps makes sure that our employees grow in their careers. Career growth of our employees allows us to grow further and open new opportunities.