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Diversity and Work Environment
Careers - Diversity and Work Environment

At TechCorps Inc., we work hard to attract and select diverse candidates to be presented to our clients, through open, fair and objective recruitment policies, encouraging applicants through diversity initiatives and positive action.We offer a vibrant fast-paced environment that allows for highly capable dedicated individuals to leverage and develop their skills while contributing to our company’s success. At TechCorps Inc, you will discover within our practice areas, a diverse, team-oriented working environment that is challenging and based on respect.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) staffing firm; and we take positive actions to ensure equal opportunity in the conduct of business activities without regard to gender, race, color, national origin, sexual preference, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability, religious belief, family responsibilities, ethical belief, employment status and any other factors that are not related to individual ability, job performance and potential to develop in the workplace. We offer flexible working time arrangements, employee education assistance, open communications, etc.

We also recognize that we work in a richly diverse community and understand the strategic importance of achieving a diverse workforce, which reflects that community. We undertake to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people by valuing the varied skills and experiences they bring; by investing in their training and development; by treating staff fairly and equitably; by combating harassment and discrimination at work and by encouraging an honest and open culture which values the differences between us.

Below are few of the steps we follow to be able to source diverse candidates for our clients:
1.    We are incorporating diversity specific sources into our sourcing strategies, by knowing our candidates’ demographic profiles (i.e. diversity dimensions, locations, etc.), by using many diversity appropriate sources (e.g But not limited to Black data processing association, the association of Latino Information Technology Professionals, etc.);
2.    By participating in recruitment events;
3.    Marketing our job opportunities to Diversity Groups & Social Networks;
4.    Develop more effective presence by partnering with diverse professional associations;
5.    Analyze and improve our Employee Referral Program to strengthen our diversity sourcing strategy.

We work hard and that's why we also take pride in the what we do and share our success.

Take a look at our exciting job opportunities and grow with us!