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Our Philosophy - Quality

The aim of TechCorps Inc is to continually improve its position in the market place as a leading International supplier of IT Solutions with it's Quality Assurance & Integration Program (QIP)

Our Quality Policy statement reflects the commitment to quality by the TechCorps Inc top management and of the culture being promoted to improve the levels of service delivered to our customers.

Techcorps Inc. has a quality assurance program that has been designed and developed inhouse called Quality Assurance & Integration Program (QIP)

Our goal at TechCorps Inc. is to provide you with quality employees at all times.  Quality Assurance (QIP) is the activity of providing evidence needed to establish quality in work, and proving that activities that require excellent performance are being carried out efficiently and effectively.  QIP consists of all those planned or systematic actions necessary to provide employer, employee and staffing agency with confidence that the service satisfies the given requirements for quality.

We firmly believe that integrity and honesty are basic foundations for the success.In order for TechCorps Inc. to maintain a high level of customer service we ensure that the person we contracted into your facility has surpassed all of our pre-employment criteria. Below is a summary of our Quality Assurance & Integration Program or "QIP".

Our Quality Assurance & Integration Program Includes but is not limited to:

1. Reference Verifications are done (at least 2 references)
2. License Verifications (Validation of the professional licenses as communicated by the consultant)
3. Education Verifications (Academic qualification verification)
4. Skills Evaluation (Consultants are required to take online tests)
5. Criminal Background Checks (As required by the client)
6. Drug Testing (As required by the client)
7. Arrival Call Check (Account Representative calls to check in with HR Manager to see if the consultant has reported on time on the start date)
8. Quality Control Checks during Assignment (Weekly\Monthly follow up calls are made to both the HR manager & the consultants to ensure productivity, dependability and quality of service provided by TechCorps Inc.)

Recognizing that our individual responsibilities within the Group contribute to the overall success of the business