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About Us - Profile

TechCorps Inc is a dynamic IT consulting enterprise. Since 2008, our job has been to solve our client’s enterprise technology challenges by offering superior quality services that are easy to adopt, cost effective and client specific.

Driving innovation and technology expertise, we focus in delivering consistent support to major projects and strategic engagements across the United States. By working with our Technology Consulting service practice, client companies are able to make the best possible strategic decisions about their future needs and avoid the risk of becoming disconnected from the latest advances and key trends.

We work with our customers to define the right Information Technology (IT) strategy, and translate that into viable and sustainable solutions that meet business objectives. Our capabilities span creation, design, audit and optimization as well as development and implementation of Information Technology. Using architects, technology, product and discipline specialists and technical design authorities, we ensure that initial concepts and requirements are developed effectively through our seamless project management. As business decision makers face up to the extraordinary challenges of leveraging technology that is both vital to their companies and yet also has to be transformed at unprecedented speed, the importance of our technology credentials continues to grow.